Treat yourself the best service quality

Enjoy the praise of your beneficiaries and loyalty of your clients through wisely choosing Mega with our 30 years of unequalled & expert successes.

100% of all assistance missions safely and successfully completed, together with our network of experienced professionals that we select, motivate and manage.

Treat you the best service qualityAt Mega, your beneficiary can consistently count on client benefits from a personalized and efficient follow up. Over the years, Mega Assistance has acquired a reputation for reliability that has constantly placed the company in a position of excellence.

Beneficiaries who receive satisfactory assistance are thankful and grateful. They trust and promote the ability of their insurance provider or their employer who has selected a reliable assistance operator.

Fully prepared for all eventualities, Mega Assistance has created a proprietary paperless management tool with cutting edge functionality. All communications, emails, fax, case records, ex-penses, provider network are digitalised, allowing 24/7 access anywhere. Our management information system is 100% portable.

Great companies continue to use our services for years, case after case.

Our experience of more than 25 years has taught us that there is no advantage to separate the assistance and the cost containment. Our rigorous health care management contributes largely to medical cost control. We have an in-house negotiation department and we use traditional PPOS and consolidators to achieve the best reprising levels. We get on average between 25 % and 60 % discount on the medical invoices.