Travel assistance

Beneficiaries experience the services of Mega when the unexpected happens. They may feel lost or even afraid when disaster strikes. With Mega, they will find very effective, detail oriented, warm and personalized assistance. Thanks to Mega Assistance and its 24h alarm center, beneficiaries quickly recover a comfort zone of human dimension wherever they are.

At the core of the assistance business is the notion of Customer Service in its purest form. The Mega Team cares and attends to all the details that would otherwise turn difficult situations into real life crises. The Mega Team will intervene, at any time, in emergency situations to provide shelter and transportation. We will also deliver cash or transmit urgent messages.

The Mega Team’s goal is to provide assistance to the beneficiary. The Mega Team will help recover personal items and pay bills on behalf of the beneficiary directly to a service provider. Lastly, the Mega Team will assist he customer in dealing with local authorities in case of legal difficulties.

Mega delivers adapted solutions such as:

  • Non-medical emergency services
  • Cash advance/ Accommodation
  • Repatriation Services
  • Legal referrals
  • Chauffeur services
  • Assistance delayed and lost luggage

Interested and wondering about the costs?  Request a quote now according to your needs!