Bed search

Bed searchWhat can you do when your stable patient, ready for discharge BED to BED, cannot return home to Canada because an admitting hospital cannot be found promptly?

It is becoming harder and harder to promptly find available beds in Canadian hospitals  for returning Canadians who have been admitted to a hospital abroad following a medical emergency and who require “BED to BED” repatriation. The MEGA BED SEARCH UNIT has a guaranteed proven solution in every case. MEGA understands that:

  • Finding a hospital bed quickly for a returning Canadian, will bring comfort to next of kin and relatives at home.
  • Finding a hospital bed quickly will guarantee prompt repatriation and access to the highest level of medical care available in Canada.
  • Finding a hospital bed at home for a Canadian helps in the recovery process.
  • Finding a bed quickly saves lives when beneficiaries must be repatriated from regions of sub-standard care.
  • Finding a hospital bed quickly will save considerable amounts of money for the insurer.

MEGA’s engaging reputation of excellence and professional standards opens doors in all Canadian hospitals. MEGA’s experience in the field of bed search is equal to none in Canada. This is acknowledged daily by principals.

In Canada, MEGA identifies a hospital within the guidelines of the Canada Health Act and in accordance with the Health Act of each Province. MEGA’s expertise includes familiarity with bed control systems and admission protocols. MEGA accordingly manages the flow of medical information and completes all admission arrangements with the hospital staff and accepting physicians. Mega fully cooperates with the medical transport team. MEGA will fully cooperate with the provincial government organizations responsible for patient transfer and hospital admission assignments wherever such services exist.

In practice: You need a Hospital bed in Canada as soon as possible? Leave it to MEGA !