About us

About us

Assistance services and cost containment in North America and worldwide

Mega Assistance Services is a private limited company which has been providing assistance and cost containment for over 30 years in North America and worldwide.

Our offices are in Vancouver (Canada, British Columbia) and in Blaine Washington, USA . Our case managers collaborate with thousands of professionals and organizations accustomed to our demands in North America and worldwide  (Hospitals, clinics, doctors, medical specialists, house call physicians, banks and cash agencies, air ambulance companies, travel agencies, claim agencies, lawyers…)

Mega Assistance demands that every member of its international network of providers, be they medical or non-medical, delivers the very best service.  24h-day, 365 days a year,  experienced Assistance Coordinators are ready for action using proven solutions to organize and coordinate events with a view to restoring calm and comfort.

The excellent quality of our personalized services, which have become the trademark of Mega Assistance, has enhanced the reputation of the company and ensured its steady growth, year after year.

Mega Assistance is inspired by two fundamental business principles of paramount importance which are observed every day in every case managed by the dedicated Mega Team: They are the human factor and a balance between optimum service and minimum cost.

That is why we can collaborate with you and provide services for your beneficiary in efficient and modern ways.

Interested and wondering about the costs?  Request a quote now according to your needs!

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